Terms & Conditions

As an educational organisation, we offer English language and communication skills training for day to day communication purpose and Business purposes, corporate training, personality development and IELTS courses.

We charge enrollment fee for our courses. You can check the transparent fee structure on the website.
If you want to check the quality of services offered, you may enrol for even 1 day to avail the services.
You pay fee as mentioned on the website or you pay the amount for customized courses/services with mutual discussion and mutual agreement with us.

If you are not satisfied with the training quality, you may submit your feedback at support@englestia.com
If your feedback is not entertained, trainer is not changed as per request, or training quality is not improvised then you may claim your refund by writing to us at support@englestia.com
You may ask for a refund only in case you are not satisfied with the services or quality of the trainer and if we fail to make improvisation as per your feedback written to us at support@englestia.com within 7 days of starting your services.
To claim the refund, you need to write to us at support@englestia.com with acceptable reasons.

Refund will not be accepted if :
1.You changed your mind.
2.You got busy in something and you don’t have time to continue ,in this case you can mail us at support@englestia.com about your unavailability duration and we may try to accommodate you ,in your spare time( Note:But Duration cannot be more than 15 days )
3.If you miss your classes more than 5 days in a month without informing us.
To share feedback related to any employee, training or trainer related issues write to us at training@englestia.com
To claim refund, write to us at support@englestia.com