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Job Description

  • Teach students English-Online.
  • Ensure great learning outcomes by teaching Englestia's engaging learning content.
  • Provide constant feedbacks to student and to the Englestia learning team.
  • Devote at least 4 hours a day 5 days a week. Would strongly prefer candidates who can spend 4-5 hours a day.
  • Must have a reliable internet connection and a laptop.


You would be trained in the 'Teacher Training Program' for one week, leading to a certificate from Englestia. The program would guide you become a better teacher. It will also teach you entrepreneurship and communication skills.

Company Profile

Englestia is a highly engaging and powerful after-school and Spoken English Learning program for pre-teen kids,tean Kids, adults, home maker, working and non-working adult delivered by qualified teachers.

Sound Like the Job For You?

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    1How long does it take to get listed on Englestia?
    The process of on-boarding is extremely simple and quick. You just need to clear an online assessment and/or provide a teaching demo to our experts. On an average the entire process can be completed within a week's time.
    2What subjects are offered at Englestia?
    It’s an English Language Learning platform, we focus on creating the base for communication, by eliminating barriers and enhancing the confidence of our students. We also focus on developing the creative writing and public speaking skills of our students.
    3How much does an average teacher earn on Englestia?
    On an average, teachers can earn more than INR 15000 per month from Englestia.
    4What if I am not able to teach for the initially committed duration?
    At Englestia, you teach at your convenient time and/or at a time that is mutually convenient to you and your students. With the essential tools and features, you can adjust your availability to teach on Englestia anytime and be visible to a pool of students.
    5What are the basic requisites to conduct online tutoring sessions at Englestia?
    As far as hardware is concerned, a laptop/desktop with good processing power, minimum of 4 GB RAM, broadband Internet connectivity (atleast 4 mbps) is required along with a digital pen tablet or stylus. Power backup definitely is an add-on in case your area has electricity issues. Rest, our Academic team takes care of all the training you need to kickstart your sessions in Englestia.
    6How much time do I need to spare to conduct online tutoring sessions?
    We are highly flexible platform that will enable you to teach whenever you can. It all depends on your availability to teach online. Our teachers spend 4 hours per day on an average. However, a commitment of at least 3 hours per day is a requisite Mon-Fri.
    7Is computer proficiency a must to conduct these online sessions?
    Yes, It is. Our Teacher Care team also conducts intensive trainings to help you deliver online sessions better.
    8Will I be given any training to conduct these online sessions?
    Yes, trainings are integral part of the on-boarding process for every new teacher at Englestia. Our Teacher Care team is always available for helping teachers with anything and everything they need.
    9What is the frequency of payouts for Teachers?
    Payouts are done on weekly basis. All payouts are released every week to our Teachers.
    10Do I need to Pay anything to enroll as a Teacher?
    No. There is no registration fee to be paid to Englestia for enrolling and getting listed as a Teacher.
    11What are my responsibilities at Englestia as a Teacher?
    We expect all our teachers to act as an end-to-end learning solution provider for the students. In simple words, the teacher understands the learning requirement of the student, creates the learning plan for the student, prepares the relevant content required for the sessions, shares tests and assignments, evaluate them to understand student progress and provides regular feedback on the same to students.

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