About Us

Englestia is an interactive online English language learning platform for all age groups starting from 5 year child to working professionals, home makers,interns etc.taught by certified teachers. We use best-in-class US and UK digital curriculum,interactive methods, project-based learning approach and technology tools to develop skills.
The objective is to build a strong foundation in English language for all age groups leading to superior communication, analytical and creative abilities and higher confidence level throughout their academic and professional lives. In several countries we provide both group and one-on-one classes.
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Why Choose Us

Best-in-class curriculum

We incorporate the learnings from the latest research in English language education with proven techniques to help children and adults learn English faster using thematic content, activities and milestone projects.

Focus on building 21st century skills

We help students develop essential life skills such as communication, independent thinking, analytical abilities and confidence. All achieved through high-end content, technology and mentoring by expert teachers.

Cutting-edge learning technology tools

We use robust online digital content and technology tools to make learning effective for our learners.

Best teachers in india

Our teachers have exposure to the US and UK school curriculum and can help our students understand different cultures easily. They are well trained to work with all age groups through the online medium and make learning fun and engaging.

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